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  Standard Roll Forming Equipment  

Built to Our Standards

Every roll-forming machine in our plant has been
designed, built and maintained by Cardinal
Manufacturing employees using only the most
stringent specifications. While we do not sell
these machines, customers who purchase roll
formed parts made using our roll forming
equipment enjoy numerous benefits, including:

 • An uninterrupted flow of service  
        Because we do not depend on outside agencies
to maintain our machines, in the event of a breakdown
or malfunction, the necessary repairs are quickly
performed by our experienced maintenance staff, and
production is promptly resumed.
In this way, downtime is radically reduced.

• Lower cost        
By building our own machines we are able to avoid the high cost of machine manufacturers' proprietary technology, and therefore we do not have to pass those costs on to our customers

• Higher Quality

     We build our roll forming machines to the tightest tolerances, in turn allowing us to hold tighter tolerances on the roll formed parts we produce.

• Adaptability
     Cardinal is able to improve upon its designs and integrate new technology into our machines whenever it becomes available.




  Special Equipment  


Roll forming machines are not the only machines Cardinal has the capacity to build. If a customer requires that additional operations beyond roll forming be performed, and standard equipment is insufficient, Cardinal can build custom machinery to meet the needs of our customers.


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