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High Quality Parts in One Process

Cardinal Manufacturing designs and builds its roll forming machines and associated equipment with the intent of being able to accomplish as many fabrication operations as the customer requires in one, continuously-moving process. Some of these operations include  punching (both uniform and non-uniform patterns) and custom-shaped end cutting. Our equipment is built with the latest technology to hold the tightest of tolerances while keeping the line speed up.

By performing as many operations as possible in-line, the speed at which parts can be produced is increased, and the cost is reduced.

A Cardinal Manufacturing roll-forming line complete with a cut-off and pre-notch press; all hand made by our highly skilled craftsmen

Our high tech positioning equipment, such as fiber optic systems and line encoders, coupled with our rigorous quality assurance system ensures the precision and accuracy of the final product.


Cardinal's plant houses a wide assortment of roll-forming equipment to handle a variety of materials in a broad range of dimensions.

  Secondary Operations  

While Cardinal will perform as many operations as possible in one line, the nature of certain parts dictates that some operations be performed post-roll forming. If a part requires a secondary operation, Cardinal has the capacity to fill your needs. We offer many in-house secondary operations, including:
Counter Sinking
Counter Boring
Toggle Locking
Spot Welding

If a part can't be produced using conventional processes on standard equipment, Cardinal Manufacturing has the capacity to build a a wide variety of custom machinery to accommodate customers' needs, ensuring the part will be produced to exact specifications.



Even if a part requires an outside operation, Cardinal Manufacturing has many solutions to offer. We can coordinate with providers of powder coating, plating and heat treating, as well as many other operations. When you place your project with Cardinal Manufacturing, you can be confident of our start to finish capability and
customer satisfaction will be first priority.

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