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  Tool Design  

Investing In The Future
Cardinal Manufacturing continues to invest in state of the art design and machining technology, expanding our capabilities and allowing us to produce more precise roll formed parts. Our collection of tooling equipment, which includes high precision CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, and wire EDM's, all connected by our custom CAD/CAM network, grants us the capability to create the precision tooling needed to hold tight tolerances for customers' roll formed parts.

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   The design process originates with
   Cardinal's experienced engineers who
   design our tooling using the latest in CAD
   and CAM technology.


The roller die design process starts with a "flower pattern," which shows the shape of the metal profile at each stage of fabrication. After the dies have been designed, we use simulation software to verify the part and make the process more efficient.

  Tool Building  

Sophisticated CNC Milling at Cardinal

CAD/CAM programs are fed 
directly into any of our four
sophisticated CNC milling
machines or 3 CNC lathes for the production
of precision dies.





Cardinal continues to update our tool-making capabilities by adding the latest in CNC equipment.


Tooling:Highly Skilled Craftsmen at Cardinal




Highly skilled craftsmen turn roller dies
to extremely close tolerances on Cardinal's CNC lathes.





  Cardinal's four wire EDM machines allow us to machine the most intricate of shapes to the tightest of tolerances, ensuring the tooling we use is consistent and reliable.




  Cardinal's wide array of high-tech CAD and CNC equipment ensures the tools we use are of the highest quality. Our full-service tool-room and our toolmakers' combined 80 years experience ensures that our tools are maintained at the highest level.




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