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Founded in 1958, Cardinal Manufacturing Company is a family-owned and operated  custom roll forming company dedicated to delivering high quality parts at competitive costs.   Cardinal specializes in producing roll-formed parts made to customers' design and specifications, while offering our customers the highest customer service throughout the process.

What is roll forming?

Roll forming is a progressive metal fabrication process in which coiled metal is fed through a series of contoured roller dies to form a profile that can be cut to any length. Typical roll formed profiles include, but are not limited to, angles, channels, hat sections, box sections, open and lock-seam tubing. At Cardinal Manufacturing we are capable of producing all of these profiles and more, but we specialize in producing custom profiles, rolled to customers' designs and specifications.

Why roll forming?

The advantages of roll-forming over other forms of metal fabrication, such as stamping, are numerous. The biggest advantage is that, often, a complete part can be produced after one fast-moving process, reducing both the cost and the time taken to produce the part.

Why Cardinal Manufacturing?

  • Cardinal Manufacturing builds and maintains all of our roll-forming equipment, including tooling, presses, and roll-forming machines. This allows us to maintain excellent customer service and keep prices low.

  • Our continuing investment in new technologies allows us to maintain tight tolerances while keeping the process running at a fast rate.

  • Cardinal places the quality of our parts first, from start to finish, making sure all of our parts meet customer specifications

  • We offer excellent customer service with a personal touch throughout the entire business process.


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